The Latest 6 Months Birthday Cake Collection 2021

In the latest party trends, celebrating baby showers and 6 months birthdays is really gaining momentum. Currently, the most popular trend is celebrating half year birthdays. Celebrating a 6 months birthday without cake is just so off, right? If you are looking to celebrate your child's 6 months birthday, then you have landed at the right place as in this blog, we are presenting you with our latest 6 months birthday cake collection.   

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Unique and Innovative 6 Months Birthday Cake Collection

If you are confused about how to celebrate your kid's half-year birthday, then you must organise a small theme party along with some delectable 6 months birthday cakes. Make this day special by clicking some awesome memorable pictures to remember this moment in the future.

Penguin Half Birthday Cake:

Have a look at this penguin theme cake. The cake is perfect for celebrating your child's half year birthday. This 6 months birthday cake is a fondant finish cake decorated with three little mini penguins. The cake is available in different flavours like vanilla, chocolate and many more, so select one of these best cake flavours and enjoy.   

Order here: Penguin Half Birthday Cake

Elephant In A Boat Half Birthday Cake:

It is one of the most unique and creative cake designs you will ever see. The cake embodies a cute elephant on a boat, which will surely bring a smile to your kid's face. Order your favourite choice of flavours and celebrate your kid's birthday with full enthusiasm. 

Order here: Elephant In A Boat Half Birthday Cake

Baby's Half Birthday Cake:

The baby theme half birthday is one of the most popular 6 months birthday cakes at Aubree. This cake design represents a newborn baby on top of the cake, perfect for a 6 months birthday celebration. It is available in two variants that are pink and blue. So you can order any variant according to your choice.

Order here: Baby's Half Birthday Cake

Panda Theme Half Birthday Cake:

The panda half birthday cake is one of the most trendy and best theme cakes in Bangalore. Kids love cartoons, and this cake will surely make them happy. Aubree offers customised cakes for various kinds of celebrations like anniversaries, festivals, birthdays and many more. Select your favourites and order from the comfort of your house. 

Order here: Panda Theme Half Birthday Cake

Teddy And Car Half Birthday Cake:

Soft toys and car toys are kid's favourites, so why not throw an awesome theme party based on cars and soft toys decoration along with this marvellous teddy and car half birthday cake. You can either visit our store to buy these cakes or order celebration cakes online.

Order here: Teddy And Car Half Birthday Cake

Surprise your kid with the delectable 6 months birthday cake collection of 2021 and make their day special, memorable and delightful. So, don't delay any celebrations and order premium cakes from Aubree. Not just cakes, order from our diverse dessert collection that includes tea time cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pastries, different types of cookies and many more. 

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