Top Desserts For Your Sweet Craving


Are you one of those who can’t control their sweet cravings? Then don’t worry you are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people craving for sweets. And why to stop this sweet craving after-all it’s delicious specially with the Aubree.

Many people look for sweet desserts after their dinner. But why?

After meals, the main function remains is digestion. Digestion consumes lots of energy and sugar is the quick source of energy. Eating sweets has now become a habit more than a source of energy and we actively look for something sweeter to finish our meal. Aubree helps you to end your craving with its quality packed sweet cakes.

Here is the list of best sweet desserts in Bangalore to end your craving.

Marquice Dessert

It is tastier than its look. It is full of sweetness. Marquice Dessert is a true chocolate indulgence made with 70% pure Belgian dark chocolate presented on a brownie base and topped with a signature Belgian dark chocolate bar. A perfect dessert to end your craving. 

Order here: Marquice Dessert 

Choco Duet Dessert

Another best product of Aubree for desserts in Bangalore. Choco duet Dessert is a scintillating duet of dark and milk chocolate mousse layers on a crunchy chocolate base. A love song for the palate. If you are a couple, a perfect cake to end your night in a romantic way.

Order here: Choco Duet Dessert

Belgian Truffle Dessert

A Belgian Truffle Dessert is a diamond from the Aubree. This is a good option to have in a dessert. It is a flag-bearer for the true connoisseur, made with pure Belgian 55% dark chocolate ganache composed around a chocolate base.

Order here: Belgian Truffle Dessert.

Strawberry White Chocolate Dessert


Love is blind but it opens its eyes when it comes to strawberry white chocolate dessert. A heart-shaped cake can be your best dessert after a meal. It’s a White chocolate parfait laced with vibrant strawberry flavour finished with a coat of pink velvet spray. A hearty combination, shaped like one.

Order here: Strawberry White Chocolate Dessert

Red Velvet Cheese Cake Pastry Slice


Red velvet cheesecake gives a perfect finish to your meal. Its Aubree’s signature red velvet sponge base with velvety cream cheese elegantly finished with red cocoa butter spray. Nothing more needed when you have a Red Velvet Cheese Cake Pastry slice.

Order here: Red Velvet Cheese Cake Pastry Slice

Order above listed products with Bangalore’s award-winning bakery. You can order your desserts in Bangalore or anywhere else. So, if you are looking to end your dessert sweetly, then Aubree is what you are looking for. Don't forget to check out Aubree's theme cupcakes, Pastries and Desserts.

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