5 Amazing Half Birthday Cake Ideas


Why wait for a year to celebrate the birthday of your child? Half-year birthday celebrations are popular among parents now and it is an absolute delight to celebrate your baby’s half-year birthday surrounded by your friends and family. Fast track your happiness and celebration with these amazing half birthday cake ideas by Aubree.

Unicorn half-year birthday cake design

Make your kid’s half-year birthday celebration a magical one with this unicorn half-year birthday cake design. This half cake is decorated with violet, green and yellow floral design and topped with a unicorn horn. 

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Lora half-year birthday cake design

Hands down, this will be one of the amazing half-year birthday cake designs you’ll ever see. The Lora half-year birthday cake design is a fun-filled cake that has cute little rabbits, snails. ladybugs and bees living in a beautiful mushroom house.

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Pink half-year birthday cake design

This pink half-year birthday cake design is the perfect cake to celebrate your daughter’s half-year birthday. This lovely baby pink cream cake comes with tiny flowers, baby bears, and the number ‘1/2’ written on the top.

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Mickey half-year birthday cake design

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? This adorable mickey half-year birthday cake design has the authentic mickey mouse look with red and white spots. The famous mickey mouse ears and bow tie design tops the cake.



Happy 9-month half-year birthday cake design

Well, you missed your kid’s half-year birthday, so what? Celebration and happiness must not be contained and that’s why we have this happy 9-month half-year birthday cake design. This cake has a beautiful sky and trees look with a cat and a dog to top the cake. 

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Half-year birthday celebrations are totally a thing now and you don’t have to wait for a year to celebrate your kid’s birthday. What are you waiting for? Check out these amazing half birthday cake ideas by Aubree and plan your kid’s half-year birthday celebration.

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