Top 5 Cakes for Big Parties


Do you enjoy going to parties? If you're planning a party, would you want to take it to the next level and make memories that will last a lifetime? Here at Aubree, party cakes are the most popular gifts, and you will always discover lovely party cake designs to meet your family, close friends, and relatives. So, have a look at our top 5 party cakes for huge gatherings and surprise your loved ones with delectable treats!

Elegant Floral Cake

Spring has bloomed on this magnificent cake bursting with the loveliest petals suited for spring birthday celebrations, from sweet peas and mums to violets and roses. It doesn't get much easier than this when it comes to flower party cakes’ designs! This Whimsical Oblong Flower Cake has a simple floral border and is perfect for any big party celebrations and get-togethers with friends.

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Colorful Stars Baby Shower Cake

When it comes to preparing a baby shower, there are a lot of moving elements. The tone of the event is defined by the baby shower invitations, party theme, guest list, and shower location. But no party would be complete without sweet delights, particularly stunning party cakes.

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J D Barrel Cake

A Jack Daniel's barrel cake with four JD versions and edible ice for a Jack Daniel's fan! The bottles are handcrafted, and inside is a cake that has been coated in fondant and hand-painted, a perfect combination for the biggest party celebrations at the office!

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Floral Wedding Cake

Pretty blossoms are the ideal addition for your reception dessert, whether you like sugar or fresh flowers. Wedding party cakes with flowers and foliage are undeniably stunning and one of the most popular party cakes. Flower wedding cakes aren't merely appealing because of their attractive appearance. Florals enable the couple to forego more expensive decorating approaches, like fondant or hand-cut decorations, in favour of flower embellishments.  A magnificent affair calls for a dessert with gilded embellishments or sugar flowers in between each layer. For boho weddings, a completely bare floral wedding cake with a sprinkle of wildflowers is ideal. In addition, many couples are experimenting with watercolour prints and unusual colour combinations.

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Floral Golden Crown Cake

There isn't anything more classic than a floral golden crown cake when it comes to making a simple but lovely dessert for your next celebration. It's simple to learn how to pipe buttercream icing flowers, from roses to tulips.

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There are countless variations of party cake decorations to make your party a grand success with just a few decorating bags, tips, and spatulas on hand. Aubree has made it simple for you to get started by compiling a selection of the top happy party cakes on the market. This collection includes desserts and party cakes for everyone and for every event, whether you're a novice or a seasoned cake designer. We offer everything you will need to make your next party cake a smash hit. Don't forget to check out Aubree's theme cupcakes, Pastries and Desserts, cakes for parents and many more.

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