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Don’t we all love a slice of yummy cake with our evening chai? As the name suggests, tea time cake are cakes that are eaten with the afternoon or evening tea time. Tea time cake has existed for centuries now, and its roots can be traced back to a British tea-time pastry. Many countries are associated with them in different forms and styles.

What makes them interesting is the fact that tea time cake has left its significant mark on different countries across the globe including Britain, Australia, America, and Sweden. Chai time at home is one enjoyed by many. Be it you and your favorite book, or family bonding time, or the first time you relax after a busy day, evening chai makes all of these ten times better. 

Different Types of Tea Time Cakes 

The best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree, offer you a variety of different tea time cakes to compliment your hot cup of chai. Aubree’s has numerous flavors available including Choco, Red Velvet, and Espresso. Along with delicious teacakes, Aubree also has numerous flavors and designs for Baby Shower Cakes.

1. Choco Teacake

Choco Teacake - Eggless

With delicious Belgian Chocolate filling, the Choco Teacake with gooey chocolate melts easily and effortlessly in your mouth giving you an unforgettable experience. 

Order here: Choco Teacake


2. Choco-Hazelnut Teacake

Choco-Hazelnut Teacake - Eggless

An all-time favorite combination is that of Chocolate and Hazelnut. With the unmatchable combo, the Choco-Hazelnut Teacake at Aubree’s is a must-try.

Order here: Choco-Hazelnut Teacake - Eggless


3. Blondie Teacake

Blondie Teacake - Eggless

With its buttery and soft texture, this white chocolate Blondie Teacake available at Aubree’s is the perfect sweet treat. 

Order here: Blondie Teacake


4. Espresso Cake

Espresso Teacake - Eggless

Who doesn’t love a coffee cake? The Espresso Teacake with aromatic espresso and coffee grounds provides you the best solution for your sweet cravings. 

Order here: Espresso Teacake - Eggless


5. Red Velvet Teacake

Red Velvet Teacake - Eggless

This royal flavor in any form, be it cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes, is always exemplary. The flavorsome Red Velvet Teacake is delectable and delicious.

Order here: Red Velvet Teacake - Eggless


Head on over to the Aubree and order delightful Tea Time Cakes. 

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Thanks for reading! We are Aubree, one of the best bakers in Bangalore providing delicious eggless cakes and best cupcakes in Bangalore. You can place your order on our site or contact us directly to enquire. 

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