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Cakes have become an internal part of the celebration. Celebration is incomplete without cake. The celebration cakes are evolving significantly day by day. Creative baker experts are pushing the creative boundaries like never before.

Theme cakes are another product of creative people’s minds. Theme cakes demands have risen significantly over the past few years. And even in the theme cakes, a new sort of product comes in the market called “Food theme cakes”.

How would you feel if you got your favourite food in the form of cake? Great! Of course. It sounds like a dream, but wake up my friend this is a reality now.

Here are a few examples of food theme cakes:

Biryani cake

Biryani has a separate fanbase and it seems like double impact when we get biryani in the form of cake. Food theme cakes require immense creativity. The biryani celebration cake is just one example of a food theme cake. This cake raises the fun level of your party and makes it memorable for you.

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King of the dish cake

Another great food theme cake with a beautiful structure. This cake comes in a pot-like form having biryani on the top. This is the upgraded version of the biryani celebration cake. It takes a minimum of 48 hours to prepare this cake. This cake also comes with a fondant finish.

Order here: King of dish eggless cake 

Kingfishers Theme birthday cake

Kingfishers theme cake is a next-level food theme cake. It comes with kingfishers tin toppled and a unique texture. This food themed cake is very famous among adults. It creates perfect friendship moments for them.

Order here: Kingfishers birthday cake eggless 

Fruit topper

Children love this cake, and if you are planning your child's birthday, then this is what you need to make his birthday special. This food theme cake comes with a fruit shape design at the top of the cake. This cake is completely eggless.

Order here: Fruit topper cake  

You can order the above-listed cakes and many more with Aubree. Aubree is Bangalore’s people's choice award-winning bakery and has been working since 2011. Aubree has customized theme cakes for your special occasions like wedding and anniversary cakes, baby shower cakes and many more.

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