Best Cakes For Friends In 2022


A celebration can be used as synonyms for friendship. Every moment you spend with your friend is a special one. The one thing that makes the moment memorable is cake. Whether it is your friends' birthday, your friendship day, night hangout, or any other moment, your party is incomplete without a cake. There is no fun at the party unless you put the cake on your friend’s face.

If you are looking for a cake to make your day unforgettable, then you have landed on the right page.

Here are the best cakes for friends in 2022:

J D barrel Cake

There is no alternative to this cake for friends. This cake comes with real Jack Daniels. And a very special look, that is best suited for every friendship occasion.

Order here: J D Barrel Cake 

Bombastic cake

This is another friendship moment cake. It comes with a very different and unique look; you can surprise your friend with this witty look cake. It can be your exploding surprise and enough to make your friend feel bombastic.

Order here: Bombastic cake 

Heart of Gold Pinata Cake – eggles

it is a bar of gold from our mine. This cake for a friend gives your celebration a very special twist. This is our pinata cake with a dark chocolate shell and a fun surprise inside. Reveal this sinful Belgian truffle petit and our signature dark chocolate hearts with the fruity dark raspberry fillings.

Order here: Heart of gold pinata cake - eggless 

Harmonium Cake

If your friend is the one who loves music, then this cake is the perfect one for you. This cake comes with a harmonium design and fondant finish. This cake for a friend will definitely make your friend's day memorable.

Order here: Harmonium cake 

FCB cake

Sports are the binding force of any friendship. Whenever any group of friends meets, some kind of game must be played among them. This cake is for such a group of friends. This FCB cake comes with a fondant finish and is a perfect cake for friends.

You can order the above mentioned and many other kinds of cakes from Aubree, Bangalore’s award-winning bakery. This bakery specializes in customized theme cakes for your special occasions like wedding and anniversary cakes, baby shower cakes and many more.

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