Popular Barbie and princess cake designs in 2021

On special occasions like birthdays, you want to shower your child with extra love and affection. What better way to pamper them than ordering their favorite cakes? Cakes are like a centerpiece that adds more fun to your kid’s party and makes it even more memorable. Your few extra efforts into finding the perfect cake can go a long way in making their day better. If you are having trouble with what cake design to go for, we are here with some amazing 2021 Barbie and princess cake designs from happy birthday doll cake to pink barbie cake designs to make this their best birthday ever!

Barbie doll theme cake design

This barbie doll-themed cake design by Aubree is sure to make your little girl’s day. The cake doesn’t just look pretty, it tastes delicious too. It will act as a cherry on top at the party. Get your hands on this cake made by one of the best bakers in Bangalore.

Order here: Barbie doll theme cake

Barbie royal cake design

Does your daughter love to play dress up with her barbies? If yes, then this is the perfect cake design for you. This beautiful barbie royal cake has different colors that make it look appealing. 

Order here: Barbie royal cake

Pink barbie cake design

Nothing can go wrong with the classic pink barbie cake. This is the all-time favorite cake for baby girls, it’s made with the highest quality ingredients and lots of love. We don’t know if it’s the pretty colour or the mouth-watering flavor that makes this cake stand out at parties, but we are sure that it’s going to bring a smile to your daughter’s face.

Order here: Pink barbie cake

Happy doll theme cake design

Another great cake design would be a happy doll-themed cake. Your daughter and her friends are bound to fall in love with this elegantly crafted eggless cake.

Order here: Happy doll theme cake

Pink princess cake design

This pink princess cake is a must for your little girl’s princess-themed party. It’s time to make her princess dreams come true with this delightful cake design. Order this cake in the birthday girl’s favorite flavor and see her enjoy every bit of it. 

Order here: Pink princess cake

Your search for the best cake for your kids birthday ends here. Aubree is an award-winning bakery in Bangalore and specializes in custom theme cakes for your special occasions. It brings you the tastiest barbie and princess cake designs. Place your order now from one of the best bakers in Bangalore for a sweet delight!

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