Premium Chocolate Bars
from Rs. 299.00
Premium Chocolate Bars
Premium bars made from the finest Belgian chocolate in five varients.
from Rs. 299.00
California Almond Rochers
10-piece box of dark and milk chocolate rochers made form select Californian almonds.
Rs. 600.00
Belgian Praline Collection
10-piece box of chocolates made from pure Belgian chocolate. Contains dark truffle, dark strawberry, dark coffee, dark Marzipan, dark Madagascar vanilla, dark praline, white praline, gulkhand milk, cara crakeline and whole hazelnut.
Rs. 600.00
Mendiants Collection
10-piece box of chocolates mendiants in dark chocolate and fig flavours.
Rs. 600.00
Assorted Festive Collection
10-piece box of hazelnut milk, dark coffee and gulkand white chocolates in ethnic shapes fit for festive gifting.
Rs. 800.00
Premium Chocolate Tins
from Rs. 450.00
Premium Chocolate Tins
Premium chocolate tin box in 3 variants - dark truffles, almond rochers and coated almonds.
from Rs. 450.00
Kid's Aeroplane Collection
4-piece collection of dark, milk and white chocolate aeroplanes. Perfect for kids and the kid in you!
Rs. 400.00
Whiskey Collection (Non-Alcoholic)
8-piece collection of Belgian dark chocolate with non-alcoholic whiskey flavoured center.
Rs. 950.00
Assorted Belgian Collection
25-piece box of exquisite Belgian chocolates. Includes dark truffles, whole hazelnuts, chocolate mendiants, dark pralines and milk almond rochers.
Rs. 1,500.00
Assorted Classic Chocolates
Collection of handcrafted classic milk and dark Belgian chocolates.
from Rs. 450.00
Assorted Center-Filled Chocolates
25-piece collection of center-filled chocolates. Including caramel, dark, fruita, milk and orange chocolates.
Rs. 750.00
Festive Crunch Crispies
A 16-piece box specially curated for the festive season including crunchy crispies fruit crunch with the fusion of milk, dark, strawberry, orange, blueberry and white chocolate jello.
Rs. 560.00
Mello Crunch Collection
15-piece box of assorted center-filled and crunchy chocolates. Includes caramel, milk filling and crunchy crispies.
Rs. 520.00
Special Crunch Collection
Crunchy crispies fruit crunch with the fusion of milk, dark, strawberry, orange, blueberry and white chocolate jello.
from Rs. 200.00
Assorted Flip-up Box
Rs. 900.00
Assorted Flip-up Box
15-piece flip-open box with an assortment of Belgian chocolates. Includes dark truffle, gulkand milk, dark almond rocher, dark praline and dark coffee chocolates.
Rs. 900.00
Assorted Slider Box
16-piece slider box with delicately crafted Belgian milk and dark chocolates.
Rs. 850.00