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What a busy and exciting time, isn’t it? That is what this new journey is all about! Aubree, the best bakers in Banglore are always glad to be a part of the family by giving you high-quality bridal cakes. We have a variety of eggless delicacies and people have been showering us with love since 2011. There are many things to be taken care of for this turning point but we are here to make sure that you get a perfect bride to be cake for your big day! Here are some of the cakes for her:

Bride to be cake

This cake will be the perfect choice to start your new life journey. The bride to be cake comes in a 2 kg variant and has a beautiful bride dress on it in a fondant finish. Order now in your favourite flavour from 20+ assorted flavours.

Order here: bride to be cake

Shopping special cake

Is the bride a shopaholic and cannot stop shopping for her wedding? We have the perfect idea for you. The shopping special cake is available in 1.5 kgs and comes with miniature shopping bags in a fondant finish. These bags also have customised image print designs. Order now in your favourite flavour!

Order here: shopping special cake

Bride’s bachelorette cake

Planning a surprise bachelorette party for the bride? We are here to help you add more surprises to your party! This cake will steal the show of the party! This cake comes in a 1.5 kg variant with a party design in a fondant finish. It is available in 15+ flavours.

Order here: bride's bachelorette cake

Floral necklace cake

What is a better surprise for the bride than jewellery, cakes and flowers? Well, Aubree has all of this in 1 edible cake! This beautiful cake is available in 2 kgs. It comes with a fondant finish. Order now in your favourite flavour!

Order here: Floral necklace cake

Louis Vuitton 2 tier theme cake

Is the bride a brand freak? Well, we have the perfectly designed cake for her! The cake has a Louis Vuitton bag in a fondant finish with miniature makeup products on the sides. This cake is a 4 kg 2 tier cake that can be the perfect choice for a party bash! The cake is available in a variety of flavours. Order yours now!

Order here: Louis Vuitton 2 tier theme cake

We at Aubree have been serving theme cakes, chocolates, cupcakes and much more. We are always as excited as you for your big day and thus will never disappoint you and your loved ones. Order once and we guarantee you there is no going back! We wish you all the best in starting your new life.

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