5 amazing photo print cake designs


Photos bring a box full of memories and emotions that cannot be expressed by words. Be it any occasion, photos and cakes are something the need of the hour, and we, at Aubree, honour it with our amazing photo print cake designs. Surprise everyone at your party with amazing photo print cake designs from Aubree. Our photo print cakes are baked with utmost precision and perfection to best express your love and special moment. Take a look at these amazing photo print cake designs from Aubree. 


Paw patrol photo print cake design

Cartoons are an inseparable part of any child’s life. They love those funny and colourful cartoon characters. So, surprise your kid on his/her birthday with Aubree’s paw patrol photo print cake design.

Order here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/photo-print-cakes/products/paw-patrol-image-print-cake-eggless


Frozen photo print cake design

If there is something that your sweet daughter loves more than you, it really must be a beautiful Disney princess. Aubree’s Frozen photo print cake design is what you need if your little princess can't get enough of the movie, Frozen.

Order here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/photo-print-cakes/products/frozen-image-print-cake-eggless


Family moments photo print cake design

Some moments are cherished forever, like those silly days with your siblings and happy days with your parents. We bet you have photos of those amazing moments and we are here to help you celebrate those moments with our Family moments photo print cake design.

Order here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/photo-print-cakes/products/family-moments-image-print-theme-cake-eggless


Pink heart photo print cake design

A beautiful heart shaped eggless cake with a picture of your loved one on it. How does it sound for a romantic surprise? Surprise your favourite person with Aubree’s pink heart photo print cake designs.

Order here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/photo-print-cakes/products/pink-heart-image-print-cake-eggless


Spiderman photo print cake design

Superhero characters are loved by kids and adults alike. With that being said, spiderman is one such character that would be in the favourites list of many. Try surprising the spiderman fanatic in your group with this spiderman photo print cake design from Aubree.

Order here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/photo-print-cakes/products/spider-man-image-print-cake-eggless-1


Cutting a photo print cake design on any occasion is always a delight. The memories and fun that it brings to the celebration is something that we all have to experience. So, try these photo print cake designs from Aubree and light up your celebration!

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