5 Amazing Cakes for Her Designs


A birthday cake is undoubtedly the most important thing to be included in your checklist if you’re going to surprise your loved one on her birthday. Birthdays are a special occasion and when you love someone, their birthday becomes extra special. So, honor the special women in your life with some special cakes for her from Aubree. Aubree’s cakes for designs will deliver you the most scrumptious birthday cakes for women that will surely make them feel extra special on their birthdays. Here are a few amazing cakes for her designs from Aubree. 


Shopping special cake for her

Your wife can’t get enough of Shopping and just loves going on a shopping spree? We just got the right cake for her birthday. Aubree’s shopping special cake for her design comes with a cute pink cream topped with miniature shopping bags.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-her/products/shopping-special-cake-eggless


Floral girl cake for her

Beauty, class, and elegance. If this is how you describe the woman of your life, check out this floral girl cake for design from Aubree. This amazing cake has a beautiful design with a woman sitting on top of the cake. 

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-her/products/floral-girl-cake-eggless


White makeup cake for her

Whether it’s a complete makeover, just a lipstick, or a simple eyeliner, every woman loves that extra dashing look on their beautiful face. Aubree’s white makeup cake for her design comes with an edible makeup kit design that every woman just loves to have.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-her/products/white-makeup-cake-eggless


Floral necklace cake for her

All you need to make her happy on any occasion is flowers and a necklace. Aubree gives you exactly that in edible form. Aubree’s floral necklace cake for her has a dashing design that comes with a beautiful edible necklace on top. 

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-her/products/floral-necklace-cake-eggless


Louis Vuitton Luxury bag cake for her

Planning to surprise her with a brand-new Louis Vuitton luxury bag on her birthday? Make it double special with Aubree’s Louis Vuitton bag themed cake for her design. This is a realistic and edible cake model of Louis Vuitton's luxury bag from Aubree.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-her/products/louis-vuitton-luxury-bag-theme-cake-for-her-eggless


Every woman deserves to be loved, cherished, and pampered on their birthdays. So, celebrate and honour the special women in your life on their birthdays with a special cake for her design from Aubree. 

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