2 Tier Cake


We know how much you love cakes but what is more delicious than cake? More cake! Aubree believes in providing you with the highest quality cakes to make your happy occasion happier and our 2 tier cakes do just that. Take your celebrations to the next level by ordering our 2 tier cake. If you are planning to throw a grand party for your special occasion then we got your back. We are here with some mouth-watering delights for you to choose from. 

Unicorn Two Tier Cake

Aubree specializes in creating custom cakes. This unicorn theme cake is the perfect example of that. This luscious cake weighs 3.5 kg and comes with a fondant finish. You can write a personalized message and order this cake in different flavors. The rich flavor and attention to detail will definitely make this cake the showstopper.

Order here: Unicorn Two Tier Cake

Nemo Cake

This 2 tier cake is every kid's favorite. If your kid loves animated movies and is as big a fan of Nemo as we are then this cake is the perfect match for you. It will make the party a success and your kid’s friends won’t stop asking for more of this tasty delight. 

Order here: Nemo Cake

Birthday Rose Cake

This cake is not just a treat for your mouth but is also pleasant for your eyes. It comes in pastel colors and instantly attracts everyone’s attention. It weighs around 4 kg and comes with a cocoa butter spray and fondant finish. Get this cake in your favorite flavor now. 

Order here: Birthday Rose Cake

Floral Birthday Cake

Fondant finished floral cakes are both elegant and delicious. Floral birthday cakes are one of those classic birthday cakes that you can never go wrong with. The colorful flowers on top of this cake make the cake stand out. Choose your favorite flavor, write a personalized message and order this cake now.

Order here: Floral Birthday Cake

Heart and Roses Decorated Cake

There is something about the combination of red and white that you just can’t say no to. This elegant heart-shaped cake is ideal for precious occasions like anniversaries. If you are one of those people who like simple and elegant cake designs then this is the perfect choice for you.

Order here: Heart and Roses Decorated Cake

We at Aubree have been making handcrafted premium customized theme cakes and celebration cakes in Bangalore and serving completely eggless vegetarian delicacies since 2011. Get 2 Tier cakes for your grand celebration and let us be a part of your happy memory. Choose from these delectable ranges of cakes made with the highest quality ingredients.

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