Cartoon cakes designs for boys


When it comes to desserts, cake always steals the show for being the champion of sweetness and creative designs. Is it your boy’s birthday or has he won a competition? Has he got the best grades or want to host a party for friends? We have all this covered for you! Aubree has some amazing cartoon cake designs for boys. Select your perfect choice and order now.

Superhero theme cake

Sometimes it just needs a small celebration and a cake to show your kid who is the real superhero! We have one of the most loved superhero-themed cakes with all superheroes in a fondant finish. This is a 1.5kg cake available in 15+ assorted flavours.

Order here: Superhero theme cake

Transformer cake

Every boy has either been a transformer series fan or a game fan! Either way, it is the Transformers! We have the perfect celebration cake of transformer in a fondant finish. The cake is available in a 2kgs variant with 20 different flavours. 

Order here: transformer cake

Tom and jerry cake

What can be the favourite pastime of any person of any age? It has to be Tom and jerry without a doubt! Aubree knows this and has perfectly designed a 2kgs tom and jerry cake for all! This nostalgic cake is available in 15+ mouth-watering flavours. 

Order here: Tom and jerry cake

Beyblade cake

Beyblade has its own fanbase when it comes to games and comics for boys. Aubree has an amazing Beyblade cake for their lovers! It is a 2 kgs cake with a creamy finish and fondant topper. Order in your favourite flavour now!

Order here: Beyblade cake

Mighty Avengers Cake 

Which is your boy’s favourite Avengers character? Captain America or Hulk or maybe all of them? Let them decide on their own and have this fantastic cake with all the characters in fondant finish. This is a 2 tier cake in 4 kgs available in various flavours. 

Order here: mighty avengers cake

Cartoon cakes are the best way to show how much you love your kid. They always have a special place for such cakes in their heart! We know the same and have designed cakes for all our lovelies since 2011. Aubree has been serving eggless delicacies and making moments more memorable for all the customers. Order your favourite design now!

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