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Aubree has been serving completely eggless vegetarian delicacies across Bangalore since 2011. We believe in serving you cakes that are not only delicious but are also a treat to your eyes. Our customer’s happiness is our priority and we love nothing more than their positive feedback. We offer a number of categories like celebration cakes, theme cakes, etc. If you want to know about the latest cake designs then you have come to the right place. Order your favorite design now. 

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Chocolate Truffle cake is one of our classic cakes. It is layered with rich moist chocolate sponge for a dazzling chocolate experience. Its rich and creamy chocolate texture will leave you wanting more. You can get same day delivery with this cake which is an added advantage.

Order here: Chocolate Truffle Cake

White Rose Grey Theme Cake

This theme cake weighs 2 kg and comes with a fondant finish. The white roses and the cake’s grey texture give it a dreamy vibe and make the cake look more rich and appealing. The roses celebration cake is one of Aubree’s latest cake designs. Order it now in your favorite flavor.

Order here: White Rose Grey Theme Cake

Harry Potter Theme Cake

If you are thinking about throwing a Harry Potter themed party, then we got you covered. This latest cake design is Potterhead approved. It doesn’t matter if you are a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, the delicious flavor of this cake will unite all the houses. Customize it as per your choice and place your order.

Order here: Harry Potter Theme Cake

Baby Shark Theme Cake

Aubree has a range of eggless birthday cakes for kids. This kid’s favorite baby shark theme cake weighs 1.5 kg. This can make for a perfect surprise for your kid’s birthday party. Choose from different flavors and write a personalized message.

Order here: Baby Shark Theme Cake

Forever Love - Hands Holding Heart Cake

We can’t miss this unique cake design. This Heart cake comes in a chocolate coconut raspberry flavor that melts right in your mouth. It is carefully made, with very close attention to detail, and is definitely a best seller. Order this tasty delight now. 

Order here: Forever Love - Hands Holding Heart Cake

Once you try these latest cake designs from Aubree, there is no going back. We provide you with premium customized theme and celebration cakes made with the highest quality ingredients at the best prices. Aubree is your one-stop-shop for desserts. From doughnuts to brownies, let us take care of your cravings! 

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