Best Mason Jar Desserts You Must Try!


We have seen cakes with so many variations in flavours, designs, shapes and sizes. Starting from cakes, brownies, pastries to these cute tiny mason jar desserts filled with different cake and ice cream flavours. These jar desserts are the best gifts as well as the best treat one can experience. The mason jar cakes look very aesthetic and intriguing as they are loaded with different layers of cookie, cake, cream, chocolate and several other varieties.

Top 5 Mason Jar Desserts 

We have a bunch of mason jar desserts in our dessert collection which we would like to share with you. Let’s look at some of the best flavours that you must try from the mason jar desserts category. 

1) Tiramisu Mason Jar

Tiramisu Mason Jar


Have you heard about the famous tiramisu dessert? Tiramisu is an Italian dessert whose base ingredient is coffee. The Tiramisu Mason Jar is one of the most loved desserts from our mason jar desserts category. It has layers of crunchy ladyfinger biscuits and creamy mascarpone cheese melt infused with espresso coffee flavour. This dessert is perfect for coffee lovers.  

Order here: Tiramisu Mason Jar

2) Oreo Cheesecake Mason Jar

Oreo Cheesecake Mason Jar

A good layer of crushed oreo biscuits with luscious cream cheese will surely melt your heart. The oreo cheesecake mason jar is filled with a layer of mousse and a top icing layer of milk chocolate. It is a soft, creamy and chocolatey dessert with a hint of oreo biscuit crunch that will melt in your mouth. 

Order here: Oreo Cheesecake Mason Jar

3) Trio Luscious Mason Jar

 Trio Luscious Mason Jar

Belgian chocolates are one of the most favourite chocolates around the world. The trio luscious mason jar is made with the perfect trio mixture of Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate parfait. It is a thick creamy mixture of white, milk and dark chocolates perfect for chocolate lovers. It is one of the best selling mason jar desserts at Aubree. 

Order here: Trio Luscious Mason Jar

4) Berry Cheeselicious Mason Jar

 Berry Cheeselicious Mason Jar

Have you tried the blueberry cheesecake yet? If not, try this mini version of the classic blueberry cheesecake. The crust is made up of cookies with a layering of blueberry puree and soft and fresh mascarpone cream cheese. The sweet and a hint of the sour flavour of blueberry, when mixed with cream cheese, is just a perfect match. 

Order here: Berry Cheeselicious Mason Jar

Have you tried the blueberry cheesecake recipe yet? Check the flavourful and tasty eggless blueberry cheesecake recipe

5) Red Velvet Splash Mason Jar

Red Velvet Splash Mason Jar

The layering of perfectly baked red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting is just so delicious. At Aubree, we have never stopped experimenting with an innovative fusion of flavours. We always strive to create the best flavours. The Red Velvet Splash Mason Jar is filled with Belgian chocolate with a splash of red velvet and white raspberry parfait cream. 

Order here: Red Velvet Splash Mason Jar

If you are just bored of having other desserts, then one must definitely try the mason jar desserts. Pick your favourite flavour and order now. 

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Thanks for reading! We are Aubree, one of the best bakers in Bangalore, providing delicious eggless cakes and the best cupcakes in Bangalore. You can place your order on our site or contact us directly to enquire. 

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