Birthday Dessert ideas that aren’t Cake


No one is saying that they're tired of cakes. Cake is the kind of food that neither goes out of style nor can be replaced. But aren't millennials already famous for ruining traditions by experimenting? So might as well try out some fun birthday dessert ideas that aren't cake. You may not be on board with them right now, but they could come in handy someday.

Birthday flan

Birthday dessert ideas - Birthday Flan

If you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, then you already know that flan is a traditional Mexican custard dessert. The truth is, it's actually not bad. It has a caramel frosting on top and a custard base with milk and eggs. So like Joey says, “Custard? Good! Eggs? Good! Milk? Good! And the best part is, you need very little ingredients to make this dessert. No baking soda, no self raising flour. It’s so easy that you can’t help but try it.

Ice cream with peanut butter and Oreos

Birthday Dessert ideas - Ice Cream with Peanut Butter and Oreos

This dessert also doubles as a late night comfort food. With peanut butter, Oreo cookies, chocolate ice cream and some basic baking essentials, it’ll only take around 30 minutes to make this birthday dessert. One great thing about such birthday dessert ideas is that even if they do not turn out as you expected, they still taste good. Kind of like a foolproof birthday dessert.

Dirt dessert jar

Birthday dessert ideas - Dirt dessert jar

This dirt dessert jar is the ‘jugaad’ version of birthday dessert ideas. No baking necessary. Just layer some whipped cream, chocolate pudding and crushed cookies in a glass jar and refrigerate until served. You can customize the recipe as per your taste and prepare the dessert in a bigger jar as per the size of the party. 

Birthday pie

Birthday Pie

A good chocolate pie looks like a cake anyway. So it’s a great replacement for birthday cakes. It takes around the same time as it would to bake a cake, if not less, without compromising on the taste. And to be honest, there’s way more variety in texture when it comes to pies. The crumbly cracker crust, silky frosting and fruity toppings make them one of the best birthday dessert ideas.

Edible cookie dough

Cookie Dough

If you like eating things right away without waiting for the microwave to bake it for you, what’s stopping you from doing that? Just make some edible cookie dough and celebrate your birthday and your laziness. You can make it healthy. You can make it vegan. Make it your own way and eat away. Isn’t it fun to freely experiment with birthday dessert ideas?

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