Range of choco bites

Is chocolate the god of all desserts? Well, we bet it is! Be it cookies, cake or anything, it tastes the best with chocolate. Aubree, the best bakers in Bangalore have come up with an amazing range of choco bites to fulfil all your chocolate cravings! Keep reading to know what are all the varieties we have to serve you all!

Coffee choco bites

There is no such thing as too much coffee. We know this so we have come up with these Arabica Roasted Coffee seeds coated with Dark Chocolate. Have fun with both coffee and chocolate flavour in this choco bite!

Order here: coffee choco bites

Blueberry choco bites

Are you a fresh fruits lover? This can be the perfect dessert for your fruitilicious cravings! Assorted Blueberries are covered with dark chocolate to give you a double taste of fresh blueberry and chocolate!

Order here: Blueberry choco bites

Hazelnut choco bites

This is the most liked range of choco bites on our menu. The choco bites are especially known for that nut and chocolate crunch both indulged in the same piece! So Aubree brings you assorted hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate!

Order here: Hazelnut choco bites

Butterscotch crispy choco bites

Butterscotch flavour has some kind of nostalgia whether it's ice cream, cake or anything else! So this has to be on our list! We have these butterscotch bites coated with your favourite chocolate! We have milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate flavours available.

Order here: Butterscotch crispy choco bites

Collection choco bites

This is an all in one box of all ranges of choco bites available. It contains assorted choco bites, Milk Butterscotch Bites, Dark butterscotch bites, White pearls, Coffee dark chocolate, Blueberry coated bites. 

Order here: Collection choco bites

Aubree is an award-winning bakery in Bangalore and specialises in custom theme cakes for your special occasions. We have been selling eggless delicacies since 2011. We have come up with this unique range of choco bites and hope you love them as much you love our cakes! Order now to update your favourite munching dessert!

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