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Diwali is the festival of lights that brings sheer happiness, hope and makes people forget all the difficulties in life. It is the most awaited celebration for all the people in the country and so Aubree, the best baker in Bangalore has come up with some unique Diwali gift ideas. Along with all types of celebration cakes, we also have chocolate gift baskets, cookies, gift hampers and much more. Here we have listed some of the Diwali gift ideas which are worth trying and enlightening your loved ones with them.

Diwali festive hamper

This hamper is an all-in-one gift for a family. It consists of two types of cookies which are choco-chip cookies and diamond cookies. It also has hazelnut bites, butterscotch pearls and 6 Mendiants. Along with these, to add some spice we have also added chilli cashews and pepper almonds to them. The hamper also has 2 diyas and it can be the best gift with all types of elements in it.

Order here: Diwali festive hamper

Diwali Chocoracker - whooper

It’s family time! Everyone gets one! It includes Choco-chakra, Crispy-Pataka, Butter-scotch flower pots, Coffee Rockets, Elaichi Atom bombs, Crispy shots and festive motifs. All these chocolates taste very authentic and unique as their names! We assure you that this can be the best thing to make this year’s Diwali memorable.

Order here: Chocoracker-whooper

Diwali Chakra Milky Silky Collection

This is a small but one of our most special collection hampers. This collection has 4 different items including choco chakra, Mendiants, Milk chocolates and milk crispy collection. You can have all types of chocolates in one box of this collection. 

Order here: Diwali chakra milky silky collection

Diwali Chocoracker- double gift box

The double gift box is one of the most affordable yet authentic hampers we have at Aubree. And guess what? It’s a party for 2 which is like a cherry on the cake! It includes Choco-chakra, Crispy-pataka, Butterscotch Flower Pot, Coffee Rockets, Elaichi Atom Bomb, Crispy shots and Festive Motif. Order yours now!

Order here: chocoracker- double gift box

Festive tray hamper

The festive tray hamper consists of all types of sweet and spicy elements that can be the best serve. It has choco-chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, assorted choco bites, dark chocolate bar, Mendiants, Elaichi atom bombs, crispy pataka and chilli pataka. It also has 2 diyas to complete your Diwali celebration in just 1 hamper!

Diwali hampers and gifts are the perfect media to express emotions and celebrate them with your loved ones. Aubree is always prioritizing customer needs and will be more than happy to be a part of your Diwali celebration. We have been serving completely eggless vegetarian delicacies since 2011. Order your favourite gift now!

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