Bridging The Gap of Social Distancing With Gift Hamper Baskets

These are difficult times. Nothing seems normal. The entire world, it seems, is descending into a spiral. And the worst part, so many of us are not anywhere near our loved ones. The affection and the support that could get us through these times seems far-off. The distance, physical and emotional, that the pandemic has created must be bridged now more than ever. And we have just the right solution for you: Gift Hamper Baskets!

Nothing says “I love you and I miss you” like a gift hamper basket. And you don’t even have to break the distancing protocol as we will deliver it for you! Here are some of the best gift hamper baskets that you can send to your loved ones to convey your love and affection.

Here are the top Gift Hamper Baskets

1. Fortune Kalash Gift Hamper 

Exchange the Fortune Kalash Gift Hamper to wish prosperity and luck to your dear ones this festive season! Festivities and happiness, all neatly packed in a box ready to be delivered to your friends and family.  

Order here: Fortune Kalash Gift Hamper

2. Be My Love

Be My Love Hamper

Be My Love Gift Hamper Basket comes with heart-shaped chocolates and cookies to spark romance and unconditional love. Comes with a Valentine Chocosphere with white chocolate pearls inside and special heart-shaped chocolate that reads "Be My Valentine and Heart Chocolates that melt in your mouth. The Lip Chocolates and Almond Cookies are an extra sweet addition to the pack!

Order here: Be My Love Gift Hamper Basket

3. Our Secret Rendezvous

Our Secret Rendezvous

Our Secret Rendezvous Basket for your special one is perfect to convey that your significant other is missed. A Nine of Hearts Tin Box containing Heart Chocolates and Lip Chocolates is sure to win hearts and the almond and Indi Masala Cookies are universally loved. A Teddy Surprise Chocolate is the cutest addition to this pack!

Order here: Our Secret Rendezvous Basket

4. Feelings of Love 

Feelings Of Love Hamper

The Feelings of Love Gift Hamper Basket offers bites that are as delicious as they are lovey-dovey! White chocolate pearls inside a chocolate sphere along with Hazelnut Bites and Heart Chocolates are sure to tell a tale of romance and affection. Almond Cookies and Indi Masala Cookies play a special role in keeping it light and fun.

Order here: Feelings of Love Gift Hamper Basket

5. Basket Full of Love

Basket Full Of Love

Basket Full of Love Gift Hamper Basket is perfect to make up for fights that distance can cause. A Love Pillow as a reminder of the romance and Heart and Lip Chocolates to sweeten up your loved one.  The Sweet Chilli Bite Cylinder for tang and the Blueberry Bites Cylinder for a change of flavor!

Order here: Basket Full of Love Gift Hamper Basket

6. House of Bites

House Of Bites

The House of Bites Hamper comes with an assortment of chocolates that your friends and family will love! From Butterscotch Milk Bites and Dark Bites to  White Pearls, from Coffee Dark Chocolate Bites Hazelnut Bites to Sweet Chilli Bites, it has something for all types of taste buds!

Order here: House of Bites Hamper

7. Happiness Overloaded Pack

The Happiness Overloaded Pack

If you need to cheer a friend up, our Happiness Overloaded Pack is bound to turn frowns into smiles! It comes with a delectable mix of Blueberry Bites, Butterscotch Pearl Bites, Chocolate Mendiants, the sinful HazelBerry, and the spicy twist of our signature Indi Masala Cookies!

Order here: Happiness Overloaded Pack


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