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Do you think chocolates are a substitute for love? Well, let us correct you! It’s the other way round! Love is the substitute for chocolates! Chocolates can be the perfect gift to anyone for any occasion! We, at Aubree the best bakers in Bangalore know how much people go crazy about chocolates. So we have introduced the chocolate gift boxes for all you people. Have a look and order your favourite chocolates!

Belgian Praline Collection

This is a 10-piece chocolate box made from pure Belgian chocolate. It contains Dark Truffle, Dark Strawberry, Dark Coffee, Dark Marzipan, Dark Madagascar Vanilla, dark Praline, White Praline, Gulkand Milk, Cara Crakeline and Whole Hazelnut. Order now to get all 10 flavours in 1 box!

Order here: Belgian Praline Collection

Fruits Chocolate box - Kids Special

This box is specially designed for kids with 6 pieces of Fruits Crafted Chocolates. They are available in White Chocolate, Strawberry and Orange Chocolate flavours. They are designed in cute little shapes of pineapple, grapes and bananas and watermelon! 

Order here: Fruits Chocolate box- Kids Special

Victim of Love

This box is designed as creatively as its name! This can be the perfect gift for your loved ones. The box contains 10 assorted chocolate nuggets. It is a combination of dark, milk, white chocolates with a few surprises packed in a beautiful red cardboard box.

Order here: Victim of love

Motif collection

The motif collection is the best fit for festive gifting. It is a 10 piece box of Hazelnut milk, Dark truffle and Raspberry white chocolates. All the chocolates are designed in beautiful ethnic shapes. Order now to make your day more special!

Order here: Motif collection

Special crunch collection

This box has a special place in the hearts of everyone who like a crunch of fruit nuts in their chocolates. Crunchy crispy fruit crunches come with a fusion of milk, dark, strawberry, orange, blueberry and white chocolate jello! 

Order here: Special crunch collection

Aubree is been serving eggless delicacies since 2011 with a variety of options. Choose your favourite box of joy and order now! We are always happy to make your day more memorable with high-quality products. So once you connect with us, there is no going back!

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