Can you Eat Dark Chocolate for Weight Loss?

Are you worried about weight gain? But indulging in snacks and treats is irresistible? Well, we are here to tell you that your favourite dark chocolate can help you lose weight! We at Aubree are committed to your health as much as we are here to ensnare your senses with scrumptious delights. 

Although it is debatable as to whether or not dark chocolates help us to lose weight, the amount of nutritional benefits and studies show that dark chocolate can play an important role in our weight loss journeys.

Dark chocolate is a heavenly treat which mends our broken hearts seamlessly. But that is not the only benefit of indulging in its bursting flavours. So, embracing the serotonin boost let’s look at the array of goodness filled in dark chocolate. By the end of this article, you’re sure to find your perfect dark chocolates here at Aubree.

Flavanols, Polyphenol and Catechins - Health benefits

The components of dark chocolate include polyphenol, flavanols and catechins.

  1. Polyphenols are micronutrients which aid in managing weight and resolve digestion issues. 
  2. Flavanols present in cocoa increase blood supply to the brain and the heart and prevent cell damage by fighting against it. 
  3. Catechins have antioxidants which also aid in fat loss and improve and enhance brain function.

Maintains weight loss

Owing to the rich amount of nutrients and antioxidants, dark chocolate is given a superfood status. 

  1. This superfood decreases hunger and appetite which lowers the chances of subsequent snacking and gives one a feeling of fullness. 
  2. This helps us in maintaining our weight loss over a long period of time. 
  3. This also manages our cravings and subsides them. 
  4. It happens due to the reduction in the hormone called Ghrelin which stimulates hunger. 

Energy conversion

It also increases the insulin sensitivity which shuttles sugar out from the bloodstream to the cells which use it for energy conversion and supply. All these factors give one feelings of satiety all the while brimming with nutrients. 


Dark chocolate plays a key role in decreasing inflammation which gives us a generous increment in magnesium, which makes the body feel less pain which in turn makes exercising more appealing to us. Thus, all these factors point to the fact that dark chocolate definitely helps us in losing weight. While dark chocolate helps lose weight, it is important to note that exercise is key to facilitate the process.

Healthy Diet

To further boost the process of weight loss, do keep a check on the portion of dark chocolate you are consuming and along with it maintain and balance a healthy diet for notable results.

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