Top 5 Anniversary Theme Cakes for 2021


A wedding anniversary is the most special day for all couples, whether it's your first wedding anniversary or 50th. The day brings back a sense of nostalgia about the wedding celebration where both bride and groom vow to each other. Wedding Anniversaries are a wonderful reminder of your glorious journey as a couple, and it is necessary to celebrate this journey. If planning to throw a huge celebration party, then don't forget anniversary theme cakes to make this day more personalized. 

Top 5 Anniversary Theme Cakes by Aubree

Are you confused about which anniversary cake to order? Then, you are at the right place. We have a unique collection of anniversary theme cakes which we would like to share. 

1) Beautiful Heart Cake 


 Gift A Heart Cake


The first thing that strikes to mind when choosing an anniversary cake is a heart-shaped cake. You can order this beautiful red heart cake to add some romance to the celebration party. This cake is available in various flavours like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and many more. So, you don't have to worry about the flavours. Pick the best cake flavours and enjoy. 

Order here: Gift A Heart Cake

2) Memorable Photo Cake

Disney Image Print Cake

You definitely must be having some beautiful wedding photos from your wedding album. Right? So why not select the best picture from your wedding album and print that on a cake. Pick any of the photo print cake designs and order the photo cake. It is one of the best anniversary theme cakes that you can get for your partner.

Order here: Disney Image Print Cake

3) Elegant Floral Cakes with Roses

Rose Decorated Birthday Cake

Floral cakes are the most elegant cakes for your wedding anniversary celebration. It is one of the perfect anniversary theme cakes for a huge party or celebration. This gorgeous floral cake is designed to offer you a pleasant experience on your wedding anniversary.

Order here: Rose Decorated Birthday Cake

4) Unique Celebration Cake

Champagne Celebrations Cake

We pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate various celebrations. So why not champagne theme cake to celebrate your wedding jubilee. It is one of the unique cake designs from Aubree. It is available in many flavours, so what are you waiting for? Order creative anniversary themes cake on your special day. We have a variety of custom cakes in our collection, so select your favourite cake and order celebration cakes online in Bangalore.

Order here: Champagne Celebrations Cake

5) Radiant Rainbow Flower Cake

Rainbow Colors Theme Cake

Cake with flowers and rainbows. This cake features delicious and colourful layers as well as flower-shaped whipped cream on the top. It is a decent colourful cake representing how colourful your wedding journey has been through the years. 

Order here: Rainbow Colors Theme Cake

Wedding anniversaries are an incredible way to commemorate your love. The celebration reflects the years of love and commitment while looking forward to many more marvellous years. Make the day more special with these anniversary theme cakes. 

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