18th Birthday Cake Ideas


Welcome to the free world where you are now allowed to do all things legally! At 18, it's also the perfect time to dream big, take giant leaps and start your adulthood with a celebration! Aubree has some amazing 18th birthday cake ideas. Keep reading to know what all can be the best celebration ideas for your turning point of life!

Welcome 18 cake 

This number cake is embedded with all miniature fondant items which everyone wants once they turn 18! This can be a perfect start to your celebration. This is a 5kg cake available in 10+ exotic flavours.

Order here: Welcome 18 cake

Birthday celebration cake

This is a celebration cake in the form of a gift design with beautiful stars. The cake has a simple yet elegant design in a fondant finish. It is a 2 kg cake and is available in 20+ amazing flavours.

Order here: Birthday celebration cake

Kingfishers Theme Birthday Cake

It’s time to do things legally now that you are 18! This is a cake designed with lots of ice cubes and toppled kingfishers tin. It is a 2kg cake with a fondant finish. The cake is available in 10+ mouth-watering flavours.

Order here: Kingfishers Theme Birthday cake

Chocolate truffle cake

Chocolate truffle torte is layered with a rich moist chocolate sponge for a dazzling chocolate experience finished with 100% chocolate glaze. This cake is available in 500gm, 1kg, 1.5kgs and 2kgs variants.

Order here: Chocolate truffle cake

Mer De Chocolat - Pull me up cake

This is one of our newest collections which is on everybody's favourite list. The classic chocolate cake weighs 500gms with a delightful twist of flowing Belgian chocolate sauce! Order now to get something unique for the special day!

Order here: Mer De Chocolate - pull me up cake 

Aubree has been serving eggless delicacies since 2011. When people think of celebration, they think Aubree! We are glad that everyone has been loving us and would be more than happy to be a part of your special day. Order your favourite cake for your 18th birthday and we wish you a year full of happiness!

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