What lessons did we learn from the year 2020?

2020 has been a crazy year from the start till the last day of 2020. However, we have been lucky enough to survive in 2020 and welcome 2021. For everyone, the year 2020 was filled with experiences, challenges, and things that none of us were prepared for. While the past year took a lot away from us, it also gave us a lot of good things. So, before you write off the year 2020 as a total bust, let us take a few minutes to think through some valuable lessons that many of us learned in 2020. Here are a few important life lessons we learned from the year 2020. 

Never forget to save

Overnight, the world as we knew, changed into something from a horror movie. Strict lockdowns, no movement of goods, sealed offices, locked shops, even the movement of money was stopped to a great extent. No source of income and difficulties in getting basic goods, made us realize the importance of savings in life.

Appreciate the freedom you have

This is one of the important lessons that the year 2020 had taught us- Freedom should never be taken for granted. Most of us faced the toughest times of our life as we were not even allowed to walk in our own street as the virus was on the hunt. All we could think of was the time that we took our freedom for granted. So, the year 2020 has taught us to appreciate the freedom we have.

Always be thankful

You might have been safe and comfortable in your home in 2020, but not all people had this luxury. When you could get food and essentials amidst heavy lockdown, many people were struggling to meet their daily needs. This is why it is important to be thankful for everything good that happens in our life. 

Sharing is caring

One undeniable life lesson that we learned from the year 2020 is that we all need someone. We all need someone to hold our hands while walking through darkness or struggling. We needed someone to say that we are not alone. It’s knowing that when something good or bad happens, we have someone to share it with.

Real Happiness comes from small things

2020 has taught us that you don’t need a big house, luxury car, dinner at fancy restaurants, and lavish parties to be happy, all it takes are the small things in life that can make you the happiest soul in the universe. Seeing your little kid walk his first step, seeing your home garden bearing fruits for the first time, spending more time with your pets, or even munching a delicious cake from Aubree late at night, real happiness often comes from small things. 

There are surely some great lessons that the year 2020 taught us. Whether you have sweet memories of the year 2020 or it has been the darkest time of your life, all that matters is that we have successfully crossed it and we have so much to gain for in 2021. Let us hope that the year 2021 is kind to us. Also, make sure to appreciate what you have today and stay happy by ordering cakes or premium cupcakes from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

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