5 Delicious Eggless Cupcakes in Bangalore

Sweet, delicious, and tiny little eggless cupcakes in Bangalore are probably among our favourite options when it comes to desserts and bakers in Bangalore. From kids to grown men to grumpy old grandpas, everybody loves to take a bite out of cupcakes irrespective of their age. What’s better? They come in a variety of flavours that makes everyone in your home or party jump in joy. As one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree, has a wide selection of eggless cupcakes in Bangalore and we have listed a few of our best eggless cupcakes here.  

Delicious Eggless Cupcakes in Bangalore by Aubree

1. Choco Oreo Cupcake

Choco Oreo Cupcake

The love for Oreo never ends! This is why we offer you Choco Oreo Cupcake, one of the finest eggless cupcakes in Bangalore. Aubree’s Choco Oreo Cupcakes is an opulent Oreo Buttercream Cupcake with a chocolate base that makes everyone crave it.

Order Online: Choco Oreo Cupcake

2. Choco Strawberry Cupcake

Choco Strawberry Cupcake

Chocolate and strawberry? Yes, indeed! Aubree offers you the perfect blend of strawberry flavour and the fun of chocolate. This delicious cupcake is a Strawberry Butter Cream cupcake with a chocolate base. 

Order Online: Choco Strawberry Cupcake

3. Chocolate Cupcake 

Chocolate Cupcakes

Nothing like a good old scrumptious chocolate cupcake, right? If you’re craving that sweet, heavenly chocolate bite, Aubree’s Chocolate cupcake made with chocolate sponge and chocolate frosting would tell you why it’s one of the best eggless cupcakes in Bangalore. 

Order Online: Chocolate Cupcake

4. Red Velvet Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake

Can’t get enough of Aubree’s eggless Red velvet cakes? We raise you our eggless Red Velvet Cupcakes! Try our signature Red Velvet cupcake made with red velvet sponge base with cream cheese frosting and get lost in deliciousness.  

Order Online: Red Velvet Cupcake

5. Vanilla Cupcake 

Vanilla Cupcakes - Eggless

In a mood for a Vanilla today? We hear you! Our eggless Vanilla Cupcake is a scrumptious, fluffy, and light Vanilla sponge topped with swirls of buttercream icing- In other words, you’ll simply love this treat!

Order Online: Vanilla Cupcake 

Nobody can resist these cutesy and delicious desserts and the fact that they are bite-sized and just enough for one person (We know that you don’t want to share your sweet little cupcakes!). Order now with us and try the best eggless cupcakes in Bangalore today!

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