Valentine’s Day Special Cakes from Aubree


It’s Valentine's week and all one can ever think of this week  is love. Along with all the emotions, sentiments, and care for your special one, you would probably have deep thoughts to make this day as exciting and surprising as you can for your love. Valentine’s day is all about appreciating the love, you two share and honouring your commitment. Celebrate it and give a delicate feel to the significant person of your life with Valentine’s day special cakes from Aubree. Also, If you are looking to satisfy your craving but with a less quantity of sweetness then you can try our cupcakes. Here are some of Valentine’s day special cakes from Aubree. 

1. Holding Hands Romantic Cake

Holding hands with our loved ones is one of the best feelings ever. Cherish your special moments together with Aubree’s holding hands valentine’s day special cake. It comes with a rich red heart design that shows two hands holding in love. Order this beautiful cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Holding Hands Romantic Cake

Order here: Holding Hands Romantic Cake

2. Valentine Cakesicles

Your significant other loves popsicles and can’t get enough of cakes? Surprise them with our exclusively curated luscious Belgian dark chocolate Cakesicle, specially crafted for your special one on this Valentine's day.

Order here: Valentine Cakesicles

3. V-heart Chocolate Valentine's Day Cake

This Valentine’s day special cake from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree is the ultimate expression your love deserves! A heart-shaped chocolate cake with a rich chocolate sponge and red cocoa butter spray finish is sure to fill your partner’s heart with sweet joy.

Order here: V-heart Chocolate Valentine's Day Cake

4. Taj Mahal Chocolate

    What better way to express your love than gifting her the sweet symbol of love? Yes, take your romance up a notch by gifting her white chocolate Taj Mahal from Aubree. This Valentine’s day special treat from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree is an edible, realistic miniature of the Taj Mahal. 

    Order here: Taj Mahal Chocolate

    5. V Love Truffle Valentine's Day Cake

      V love truffle is Aburee’s premium Valentine's Day Special Cake, Made with Love and Pure ingredients like Belgian Chocolate for someone very special. Our V love truffle cake is layered with a rich moist chocolate sponge for a dazzling chocolate experience finished with 100% chocolate glaze.

      Order here: Valentine Chocosphere 

      Cakes and sweets can make any occasion memorable. This valentine’s day, make a statement and heighten up the romance with our special valentine’s day cakes. Just place your order for eggless cake from one of the best bakers in Bangalore and let Aubree fill your heart with sweetness.

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