Top celebration cakes in 2021


We’re officially away from 2020 and we have never been more excited and joyous to see that calendar hit January 1 than in 2021. 2020 has dealt us in a rough way and with 2021 we all hope that we get that positivity and happiness that we expect. Most of us would have started the new year on a sweet note with a delicious cake but what about the rest of the year? Take a look at these delicious, scrumptious, and wacky top celebration cakes in 2021 from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Choco Hazelnut Cake

Choco hazelnut cake is Aubree’s premium signature creation. You can experience the richness of premium Belgian chocolate complemented by the crunch of California almonds and hazelnut praline in every bite.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Our delicious Chocolate Truffle celebration cake design will make you want to devour it with your eyes. This cake is layered with a rich moist chocolate sponge for a dazzling chocolate experience finished with a 100% chocolate glaze. Order this delicious cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Lite Chocolate Cake

Aubree’s Lite Chocolate cake is a light indulgence to feed your heart for the conscious connoisseur. This cake is perfected in such a way that the only thing you’ll ever want after a bite of lite chocolate cake is another slice of it!

Black Forest Cake

Aubree’s Black forest cake is a rich chocolate sponge filled with American sour cherries & topped off with a generous amount of dark chocolate shavings. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, literally 'Black Forest' is a cult classic among gateaux lovers. Enjoy the Eggless Black forest cake from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree!

Belgian Truffle Cake

Aubree’s Belgian chocolate truffle is layered with lashings of three layers for extra indulgence. Three layers of pure Belgian 55% dark chocolate truffle combined with almond praline. Finished elegantly with cocoa velvet spray and a chocolate golf ball.

 We all know that 2020 could have a little better, but don’t let that get to you in 2021. Celebrate every day of 2021 with sweetness, positivity, and love with these top celebration cakes in 2021 from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

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