Top 5 Quarantine Birthday Ideas

The 2020 pandemic had a global impact across the globe. This pandemic changed several things from what was considered normal to something new and different, not just in the commercial field, but also in our personal lives. Birthdays were one such area. This quarantine has given us an opportunity to get creative with birthdays. Birthdays mostly were celebrated with massive crowds and if it were not for big crowds, it was always with people. But, with the quarantine when many of us are in isolation and far away from our friends and family, we got creative and came up with so many different methods to have a great birthday celebration. From zoom calls to making video montages we went through it all. 

Here is a list of 5 quarantine birthday ideas.

1) Theme Birthday

Quarantine birthdays can get a little dull and boring, no doubt. But what better way to jazz it up and make it fun than having a theme? Having themed birthdays is super exciting. It gives you the chance to be inventive with decorations and lets you explore new fortes with food and costume. Themes work well for all ages including children, adults, and teenagers. The different themes children love are Jungle-based themes, themes based on the famous children’s movie Frozen, Superhero and Cartoon-based themes. For adults, themes based on their profession like Doctor, Photographer etc. are great options. For teenagers, themes based on their favorite sports cars and bikes or their favorite video games like PUBG are widely loved.  Whichever theme you decide to go with, Aubree has the perfect cake and cupcakes for you. A variety of theme-based cakes like SpiderMan Theme Cake for children to PUBG Theme Cupcakes for teenagers, we provide the best among the best to you.

2) Sending Treats

Do you have a friend who loves sweet treats and desserts? Or are you a major sweet lover? Then for their quarantine birthday send them desserts and then some more desserts. This is a great quarantine birthday idea! An assortment of the various desserts ranging from the ever-colorful and bright macarons, delicious brownies, finger-licking good chocolates, is an amazing way to make your friend feel special on their birthday! Aubree can make this happen for you. At Aubree’s, we provide you with a wide range of options and choices like Blueberry Bites and White Chocolate Doughnuts. Also, Choco Oreo Cupcake and Vanilla Macarons. We have it all for you, the tastiest and the best.

3) Gift Hampers

A fun-filled and exciting quarantine birthday idea for your loved ones can be a birthday treats gift hamper. A good way to add to the celebrations is with a gift hamper. Gift hampers contain a variety of items that adds to the excitement and eagerness. Gift hampers are universally loved, who wouldn’t want a gift hamper? At Aubree’s, we provide you with a range of different gift hampers you can choose from. We have one for every occasion and mood. Try out the Happiness Overload Gift Hamper, they are a bundle of happiness embodied in the form of your favorite treats. Or the Sweet Tooth Pack which provides your loved ones or yourself with desserts for all your cravings, ready to chomp and enjoy in just one hamper. 

4) Party Over Zoom Calls

In this pandemic, an innovative idea people have come up with is to celebrate occasions over zoom calls. School and University graduations, Birthdays, and anniversaries can be celebrated with your loved ones over Zoom calls. The platform helps you be connected with your friends and family not only across the country but also across the globe. So a quarantine birthday idea is friends can dress up according to the theme and wear matching party hats to celebrate the birthday person!

5) Best Birthday Cake

Cakes are an indispensable part of any birthday. So this birthday even if you are quarantined and away from your loved ones, make sure you have the best birthday cake out there. Cake symbolizes the importance of celebration. It is key for a marvelous birthday. So this year on your birthday, let your friends sing to you over the Zoom call while you cut your favorite cake. Here at Aubree’s, we have comprehensive options for birthday cakes. All kinds of flavors including Belgian Truffle Cake and Golden Heart Piñata Cake are available here at Aubree’s.

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