Time for the Much Needed Celebration


This year was something we never signed up for. Most of us believed that virus outbreaks and nuclear disasters were a thing of the past. And to now be in the midst of it, to not be able to step out of the house, or see our family and friends, has been quite sad and lonely. 

But if you are someone who followed all protocols to prevent the spread of the virus, we applaud you! Because you compromised for somebody else. There is probably a man out there who is sitting at home with his family, getting ready for Christmas and not laying on a stretcher, because you chose not to make the pandemic worse than it already is. 

So, if you’ve spent the quarantine with your loved ones, celebrate the upcoming holidays with them. Just like this year taught us to appreciate the life we had before, appreciate the time we are spending with them now, because you never know when you’ll get to do so again. And if you’re stuck far away from home, make the best of it and shower yourself with lots of love. 

You are a survivor of one of the most challenging years of your life. So go ahead and treat yourself this Christmas and New Year. Because if you think of it, the pandemic allowed us to take a pause from the hustle, and focus on what actually matters. Kind of a blessing in disguise isn’t it?

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