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It’s time to welcome the new year and wait for amazing memories yet to be made! Aubree, the best bakers in Bangalore wish you all the success and happiness for the upcoming year. Well, if there is a thought of happiness, isn’t it the same as having the best dessert! We have the best choices for you this new year. Keep reading to look for some amazing new year gift hampers!

New year & Christmas Floral hampers

This is all in one gift hamper for the last weekend of the year! It consists of a 250 gms rich plum cake, 5 gingerman cookies, 1 mini santa, 50 gms assorted bites and 4 christmas chocolates. This can be the perfect gift for your special one!

Order here: new year & Christmas floral hamper

New year Santa Surprise Chocolate gift box

Be a secret santa for someone this new year! Aubree has a new year santa surprise chocolate box for all of you! It has crunchy CornFlake rocher, 3 Gingerman cookies, 1 mini santa, 1 santa surprise, 50gms hazelnut bites and 50gms chilli bites. 

Order here: New year Santa surprise chocolate gift box

The heart of gold hamper

The heart of gold hamper has been everybody's favourite for years! It has 1 kg plum cake, 10 christmas assorted chocolates, christmas kids collection, choco santa, 8 gingerman cookies, mini santa, 100 gms hazelnuts bites and 5 reindeer cookies.

Order here: The heart of gold hamper

The happiness overload pack

Nothing makes us happier than chocolate! So we put together our Happiness Overloaded Hamper with a delectable mix of Blueberry Bites, Butterscotch Pearl Bites, Chocolate Mendiants, the sinful HazelBerry (Pack of 6) and the spicy twist of our signature Indi Masala Cookies! Gift your loved ones this little bundle of happiness! 

Order here: The happiness overload pack

The sweet tooth pack

Dessert cravings can hit anytime! Fortunately, we're prepared for such incidents! With our signature sweets like the Assorted Milk & 6 Dark Chocolate Collection, 4 Truffles, Hazelnut Bites, Diamond Cookies, Milk Chocolate Bar, your sweet cravings are under control! And to balance the flavours out we gave this hamper a dash of our spicy Indi Masala Cookies! 

Order here : The sweet tooth pack

Aubree has been serving eggless delicacies since 2011. We will surely make your new year special if you give us this chance! So order your favourite hamper from our desserts! We wish you a very happy new year ! 

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