How to make a Holi themed Chocolate Gift Hamper?


When the environment forces you to compromise with a waterless and chemical-less Holi, one of the things that you should never settle for are the same ‘Gujiyas’ and other ‘Mithai’ boxes that are circulated from neighbour to neighbour. It’s the festival of colours. So shower the spirit of Holi on your near and dear ones by gifting them some creative and colourful Gift Hampers. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Check out these easy Holi themed chocolate gift hamper ideas to up your gifting game this season.

1. Use 50 shades of chocolate

Of course the fact that chocolate is brown is redundant. Bakers these days make chocolates in all colours. There’s the chilly red, fruity themed, crayons and many more. So go colourful when making the Holi gift hamper and incorporate the different shades of chocolates to it.

2. Ditch the Wine, gift Chocolate Thandai (and maybe Bhaang)

Just like red wine, bhaang too is a natural intoxicant with many health benefits when consumed in moderation. So in the spirit of Holi, let’s do it the way locals do. Add a bottle of Thandai and Bhaang to your chocolate hamper. You could also make it chocolate flavoured if you want.

3. Add Gulaal

Don’t just stick to chocolates, make an entire Holi package. Add a few packets of colourful gulal with your chocolates. And if you really care about the people you’re gifting this to, go for chemical free, organic gulal. Focus on making a Holi themed chocolate gift hamper instead of just a chocolate gift hamper.

4. Some Gujiya, but make it chocolaty

There are many ways to make a chocolate gujiya, but the simplest one only needs some chocolate chips added to the filling and the remaining recipe stays the same. You could also experiment with cinnamon to amp up the flavour of the gujiyas.

5. Finishing touches with a note

There’s nothing like a handwritten note showing your love to a person and also a proof that the gift is not part of a mass distribution campaign. So let your near and dear ones know how much you miss them this Holi and can’t wait for the pandemic to be over to get together again. Add a dash of colour to your handwritten note as well, after all it’s still a Holi themed chocolate gift hamper 

Want some readymade gift hampers?

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