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“Let them eat cake”, a well-known line said by the very famous Marie Antoinette. Cakes are one of the most delicious and universally loved dishes and desserts. The origin of modern-day cakes can be traced back to the 17th century. Throughout these centuries the dish has had different names across the globe like ‘plakous’ and ‘satura’ in Greek and ‘placenta’ by the Romans. In the history of cakes it can be seen how cakes have been used and what cakes symbolizes have changed and been modified over the years. Like how the east coast American cooks considered it to be a symbol of well-being or how it was very similar to loaves of breads in the very beginning. 

Cakes in the 21st century symbolizes joy and celebration. Looking at the history of cakes, it can be seen that cakes have been present at so many different occasions of celebration like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Each different flavor and type of cake has its history and story. It is like delving into the history of something so simple, yet so beautiful.

1) Chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Cake - Eggless

The widely loved and cherished cake is the chocolate cake. The birth of chocolate cakes can be traced back to the 17th century when the existing cake recipes got a new ingredient, the cocoa powder. The journey of chocolate cakes began when chocolate was discovered by Dr. James Baker in the year 1764. The 1920s had important slices of changes and introductions for chocolate cakes. This period was when the first ready-to-eat chocolate cake was introduced by the O Duff and Sons as this year, saw that chocolate cake was becoming more common and popular among the people. Another important piece of chocolate cake history includes the publishing of the first chocolate cake recipe by Eliza Leslie’s cookbook in the year 1847. Chocolate cakes over the years have branched out into a variety of different exotic flavors including, Choco-Hazelnut Cake, and Chocolate Truffle Cake, all of which are available here at Aubree’s.  

2) Red Velvet 

Red Velvet Cake

The feeling of the velvety cake and how it melts in your mouth, is unforgettable. Red velvet’s history goes back all the way to the Victorian Era. The term ‘velvet’ in the cake is because, in the earlier years, this word was used to describe cakes with smooth texture in Victorian England. This smooth texture was induced with the introduction of cocoa that made the flour soft. The color of the cake came about during the second world war. Due to a shortage of food items like sugar and butter, bakers resorted to using beetroots for not only the moisture but also color, as the red in the cake made it highly appealing. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel claims that it is the birthplace of the Red Velvet Cake but also, The Adams Extract company said that they are responsible for the origin of the cake. Hence, roots cannot be traced back to any one person or company. The Red Velvet Cheesecake is a must-try at Aubree.

3) Coffee Cake

Irish Coffee Cake - Eggless

Who doesn’t love a delicious coffee-rich cake? Coffee and cakes do compliment each other well! Just like a lot of cakes, the exact origins of the coffee cake are unknown. It is claimed that the Danish were the ones in the start to introduce coffee cakes. It is said that in the 17th century in England, they enjoyed it as part of their evening snack with a coffee drink. But the origin cannot be fully credited to England as some say it originated in Germany. Soon, it was also introduced in the United States of America and this can be accredited to the immigration from North-Eastern Europe. In the United States, it became famous in the states of Delaware and New Jersey. Nowadays, coffee cakes have many variants and many new ingredients which can vary from region to region. The Irish Coffee Cake at Aubree’s is a smooth and perfect blend of coffee and cake.

4) Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cake

While reading about the history of cakes, birthday cakes are absolutely essential! Cakes are the heart of a birthday party. A perfect birthday should have the perfect birthday cake! Birthday cakes have a very delicious and interesting history. In Ancient Greek, worshippers of the goddess Artemis (Goddess of the Hunt, Moon, and Wild Animals) would make moon-shaped cakes with candles to honor the goddess. The roots of birthday cakes can be traced back to the elaborate German tradition of Kinderfest which was a fascinating way of celebrating a child’s birthday. We here at Aubree’s give you a long list of options in flavors and themes for birthday celebrations like Animal-themed like Dinosaur Cake or Superhero-Theme cakes.

Order from Aubree and enjoy these delicious history-rich cakes from around the world.

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