Happy Marriage Anniversary Cakes in 2021


We know how much importance your wedding day holds for you, which is why Aubree sells the most delicious cakes for this special occasion to brighten up your day even more. Planning an anniversary party can take up a lot of your time, while we can’t help you make the guest list, we can definitely help with another important step- choosing the best anniversary cake. We are here with the most trendy happy marriage anniversary cakes to make the planning process a little easier. 

Heart Shaped Engagement Theme Cake

This heart shaped engagement theme cake weighs 5 kg and comes with a fondant finish. It comes with a little ring on top of the heart shaped cake to remind you of the day you got engaged. Both you and your partner would be blushing when you see this cake and will be reminiscing about that precious memory. Pick your favorite flavor and order this celebration cake now.

Order here: Heart Shaped Engagement Theme Cake 

Orange Rose Floral Cake

If you are looking for something extremely unique then this cake is for you. It has a unique orange color and floral details that make this cake look royal. Your guests will definitely be complimenting your choice of cake even after the celebration. This three tiered cake comes with distinct flavors.

Order here: Orange Rose Floral Cake

Anniversary Cake

This luscious Anniversary cake is perfect for an intimate romantic celebration. If you are looking to celebrate your special day with just your closest friends and family then this cake was made for you. Order this delightful happy marriage anniversary cake now to make your day sweeter.

Order here: Anniversary Cake

Lilly Decorated Cake

This mouth-watering delight radiates positivity. If you are into colorful cakes then this is the best pick for you. Words aren’t enough to describe the deliciousness of this cake. Order it in your favorite flavor and try it out for yourself.

Order here: Lilly Decorated Cake

Floral Golden Pearls Cake

The golden flower and pearls celebration cake comes with a buttercream finish. Just the look of this scrumptious golden cake is enough to make you fall in love with it. The majestic golden pearls make this cake look royal and luxurious. Order it now to make your day happier.

Order here: Floral Golden Pearls Cake

Aubree is Bangalore’s award-winning bakery and specializes in custom theme cakes for your special occasions. Every cake tells a different story, celebrate the joys of today and the memories of the past with us by ordering our happy marriage anniversary cakes. They are richly appealing, handcrafted by the highest quality ingredients, and delivered with lots of love. 

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