Different Types of Cakes for Birthdays


A birthday is a very special day for many. That one day in a year has to be extravagant and outstanding. An amazing birthday has to be accompanied by amazing food, amazing decorations, and of course, an amazing cake. The different types of cakes for birthdays are never-ending and there are a myriad of options to choose from. Here is a list of different types of cakes for birthdays.

Different Types of Cakes for Birthdays

1. Red Velvet Cake 

Red Velvet Cheese Cake - Eggless

If you are having a classy birthday, red velvet is the perfect cake for you. With a rich history, Red Velvet with its smooth texture and buttery taste is a splendid cake. The cake in recent years has gained a lot of popularity.  At Aubree’s, we have an amazing Red Velvet Cheesecake which has some beautiful ingredients like red cocoa butter and velvety cream cheese.

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2. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake - Eggless

The Black Forest Cake is a popular and commonly bought birthday cake. Who doesn't love a great Black Forest Gateaux? This cake which has a German origin is cherry-filled and takes you on a nostalgia birthday trip, as all of us surely did have Black Forest Cake for at least on one of our birthdays! The Black Forest Cake at Aubree’s with chocolate and cherries is a true delight.

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3. Mix Fruit Cake

 Mix Fruit Gateaux - Eggless

In the different types of birthday cakes, Fruit Cake is not always included. But, Fruit Cakes are super tasty with the natural flavors of seasonal fruits. Aubree’s eggless Mix Fruit Gateaux has the perfect blend of mix berry puree and vanilla cream. This birthday let’s try something new and different!

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4. Royal Framboise Cake

Royal Framboise Cake - Eggless

This ancient fruit which has many health benefits in a cake is perfect. If you want a royal and magnificent birthday cake, Aubree’s is the right place for you. The Royal Framboise Cake that looks majestic is a tasty combination of raspberry and chocolate.

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5. Photo Print Cakes

Family Moments Image Print Theme Cake - Eggless

 Having the picture of your favorite band printed, or your loved one's photo, or maybe a picture of your favorite movie moment is an exciting idea for a birthday cake. At Aubree’s, we can have any picture you want printed on a cake. Like this very wholesome Photo Print Cake of a family.

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6. Theme Cakes

Mr Beard Cake - Eggless

 Birthday theme cakes are the most fun in the different kinds of birthday cakes. At Aubree’s we have numerous options for themed birthday cakes. Mr. Beard Cake and Mermaid Cake are few among the many themed cakes at Aubree. We also customise according to your requirements.

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