5 foodie theme cake designs


If you eat not because you are hungry but because you’re bored, then you’re a true foodie. If food is like your security blanket or stress buster, then you’re a true foodie. And you know what? Food is amazing. It nourishes your body and soul and keeps you going. On top of that, it also represents diversity of cultures and helps bring different people together. So be proud of being a foodie and celebrate it with Aubree’s foodie themed cakes. Have a look at our 5 foodie theme cake designs you’re surely going to relate to. Also, If you are looking to satisfy your craving but with a less quantity of sweetness then you can try our cupcakes. 

Biryani cake

Briyani Cake

Don’t worry! It’s not pulao cake. Go make your biryani loving friend’s day by giving them this cake. The grains of rice, eggs and chicken, and the ‘kadhai’, all have been given a neat fondant finish for a realistic biryani feel in the cake. Order this creative cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Kitchen king cake

Kitchen King Cake

Being a foodie may not bode well for our moms sometimes. So appreciate and surprise her with this delicious kitchen version of foodie theme cake designs and also prepare her for more food orders you’ll be throwing her way. Hurry up! Order it right now.

Britannia pouch theme cake

Britannia pouch theme cake

This is one of most relatable foodie theme cake designs for me.Give me five if you have gobbled loads of these while pulling all nighters for studying. So it's quite fitting to relive the nostalgia by having more of it, just with a slight creamy twist. Order this cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Basket of mango cake 

Basket of mango cake

It’s like it was made for my mother. But do you really need a reason to eat this bright juicy mango cake? Summers are not coming anytime soon, so might as well let these fudgy mangoes make up for the real ones this winter. Order now before we run out!

Kit-Kat pure chocolate cake 

Kit-Kat pure chocolate cake

Have a break, have a Kit-Kat! But take it up a notch and have it as a cake. There is nothing better than taking your favourite chocolate and turning it into a dessert. Order this delicious cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

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