5 Amazing Sports Cake Designs


Whether it's cricket, football, or even a simple and fun hide-and-seek game, everybody has a favourite sport. Watching, cheering, and playing your favourite sport is an incredible experience that we all seek to enjoy. This is why Aubree has an amazing range of sport cake designs and is known as one of the best bakers in Bangalore. Surprise your special friend, favourite player, or your favourite local team with Aubree’s amazing sport cake designs.


Cricket stadium sports cake design

What cheers a cricket fan more than a bat and ball? A stadium! This amazing cricket stadium sports cake design comes with a beautiful cricket stadium design with an edible bat, ball, stump, and pads.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/sports-cakes-1/products/cricket-stadium-cake


FCB sports cake design

Celebrate the victory of FCB or the birthday of the No.1 FCB fan- your friend with Aubree’s FCB sport cake designs! This cake comes with the authentic red and blue stripes of the FCB t-shirt design and a miniature t-shirt on top. Order this cake from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/sports-cakes-1/products/fcb-cake-eggless


Yoga sports cake design

Has your friend just discovered the goodness of yoga and fell in love with it instantly? Surprise her on her birthday with this Yoga sports cake design. This cake is beautifully crafted with yoga pose designs on the side and a yoga girl topping the cake. 


See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/sports-cakes-1/products/yoga-theme-cake-eggless


Dirt bike sports cake design

Looking for an amazing sports cake design to surprise your thrill-seeking dirt bike-loving friend? We got you. This amazing dirt bike cake topped with a detailed dirt-bike track design is what you need for your friend’s birthday. Order this creative cake online from the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/sports-cakes-1/products/dirt-bike-cake-eggless


Basketball sports cake design

Hands down, this is the best basketball sports cake design that you’ll ever find to surprise your basketball player friend. This cake is designed to look like a real basketball falling through the loop with the birthday boy/girl name on the bottom. 

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/sports-cakes-1/products/basketball-cake


From football-mad children to cricket enthusiasts, Aubree’s sport cake designs will fill the heart of every sports lover. Surprise your sport-loving friends on their birthday with these amazing sport cake designs!

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