5 Amazing Crafted Cupcakes - Order Cupcakes in Bangalore.


Craving for the perfectly delicious cupcakes that just melts in your mouth never ends. From kids to grown-ups, everybody loves those tiny tasty treats. Aubree’s crafted cupcakes are more than just cupcakes, they are a special treat that you give to your loved ones. Be it birthday parties, school picnics or you just want to treat yourself, order best cupcakes in Bangalore from Aubree, and enjoy the rich experience! Check out these 5 amazing crafted cupcakes you can order from Aubree, one of the Best Bakers in Bangalore.


Kit Kat Cupcake

We’ve got two questions for you- love Kit Kat? Can’t stop thinking about cupcakes? That’s it. Consider this your sign to order crafted cupcakes in Bangalore. Aubree’s Kit Kat cupcake is a crunchy Kit Kat delight with delicious chocolate buttercream frosting.

Kit Kat Cupcake

Order Now: Kit Kat Cupcake


Choco Strawberry Cupcake

Aubree’s Choco strawberry cupcake is the sweetest surprise you can give to your baby girl on her birthday. The scrumptious strawberry buttercream cupcake with the chocolate base will definitely seal the deal.

Choco Strawberry Cupcake

Order Now: Choco Strawberry Cupcake


Banana Choco Caramel Cupcake

The love for Cupcakes knows no bounds and Banana Choco Caramel cupcake from Aubree is the prof for it. Aubree’s genius bakers crafted this blissful banana cupcake with blissful banana coco caramel and banana cinnamon base

Banana Choco Caramel Cupcake - Eggless

Order Now: Banana Choco Caramel Cupcake


Key Lime Raspberry Cupcake

This is one of the best-crafted cupcakes you can order in Bangalore. Aubree’s Key Lime Raspberry Cupcake is a perfectly beautiful combination of soft, airy vanilla sponge with Keylime frosting and raspberry compote in a pipette.


Order Now: Key Lime Raspberry Cupcake


Choco Oreo Cupcake 

Do you think Oreos are awesome? Not so fast. Wait till you taste this double-awesome Choco Oreo Cupcake from Aubree. Aubree’s Choco Oreo Cupcake comes with an opulent Oreo Buttercream Cupcake with a chocolate base. 

Choco Oreo Cupcake

Order Now: Choco Oreo Cupcake 

If you are a person who just can’t get enough of cupcakes, Order crafted cupcakes in Bangalore in Aubree. These rich, crafted cupcakes from Aubree will make your tastebuds dance in joy.


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