5 Amazing Cakes for Baby Girl Designs


Every daughter is a gift from God and as a parent, you adore your daughter more than anything in the whole wide world. So, what is a better way to tell your daughter that you love her and adore her than surprising her with a beautiful and delicious cake on her birthday? This sweet surprise on her birthday can bring a thousand-watt smile to that innocent and sweet face. Aubree, one of the best bakers in Bangalore have a wide variety of cakes for baby girl that can make them jump out of joy. Here are a few amazing cakes for baby girl designs from Aubree.

Pink frozen cake for baby girl

Your baby girl can’t get enough of the movie ‘Frozen’? Does she absolutely adore the princess and snowman character in that movie? We got you! This pink frozen cake for baby girls comes with a cute snowman with a beautiful snowflakes design.

Pink frozen cake for baby girl

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-girls/products/pink-frozen

Rainbow colour cake for baby girl

Aubree’s Rainbow colour cake for baby girls is exactly what you need to make your daughter’s birthday party a colourful memory. This cake comes with layers of all the colours present in a rainbow and is topped with a generous amount of gems chocolate. Order this unique cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

Rainbow colour cake for baby girl

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-girls/products/rainbow-colours-gems-theme-cake-eggless

Pink Kitty cake for baby girl

Is your daughter obsessed with hello kitty? Surprise your hello kitty fan daughter with a pink Kitty cake for baby girls on her birthday. This cake comes with an amazing pink celebration design with a Kitty Cat on top with a miniature gift box.  

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-girls/products/pink-kitty-theme-cake-eggless

Pink Barbie cake for baby girl 

This must be the all-time favourite cake for baby girls. Yes, it’s a Barbie! Surprise your sweet little daughter with a Pink Barbie cake design on her birthday. Aubree’s pink Barbie cake for baby girls is a realistic design of a Barbie doll. Order this beautiful cake online from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-girls/products/pink-barbie-cake-eggless

Tiara pink cake for baby girl

Every daughter is a queen in this world and why not give your daughter a Tiara pink cake on her birthday? Tiara pink cake for baby girl comes with an elegant bow design with an edible Tiara topping the cake.

Tiara pink cake for baby girl

See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/cakes-for-girls/products/tiara-pink-celebration-cake-eggless

Your baby girl deserves an amazing and beautiful cake just like her on her special day. So, add charm to your daughter’s birthday with these amazing cakes for baby girls from from one of the best bakers in Bangalore, Aubree.

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