5 Amazing Cake Designs for Parents


Making your parents happy is one of the peak moments you’ll experience in your lifetime. Whether it’s their anniversary, birthday, promotion day, or just a beautiful evening, celebrating it with Aubree’s amazing cake designs for parents is going to make their special day even awesome. Apart from the delicious cakes, your sweet gesture is sure to fill their hearts with joy. Show them your true love by ordering these amazing cake designs for parents from Aubree. 


Tuxedo theme cake design for parents

If ‘Class’ is the word you use to describe your dad, this Tuxedo cake for him is the sweetest little surprise you could give him. This is a deliciously designed eggless cake with a black Tuxedo design, red bow tie, and a macho moustache to top the cake. 


Order here: Tuxedo theme cake design for parents


Dad special cake design for parents

Your dad is your biggest source of inspiration in life and his birthday is a day that is to be celebrated to the fullest. Convey your love and respect for him with this dad special cake design for parents from Aubree. 

Order here: Dad Special Cake Design


Mom’s birthday theme cake design for parents

Moms are god’s special gift from heaven and she is your pillar of support in every stage of your life. We know that her birthday means a lot to you. Surprise her with your sweet love by ordering this mom’s birthday theme cake from Aubree.

Order here: Mom's Birthday Theme Cake


Floral necklace cake for parents

All you need to make her your mom on any occasion is flowers and a necklace. Aubree gives you exactly that in a sweet form. Aubree’s floral necklace cake for your mother has a dashing design that comes with a beautiful edible necklace on top. 


Order hereFloral Necklace Cake for Parents


Love forever anniversary cake for parents

Whether it's 25th year anniversary for your parents or happily married for 60 years, Love is forever! Surprise your parents with Aubree’s special love forever anniversary cake design. It comes with a beautiful green and blue cream with a lovely old couple topping the cake.


Order here: Love forever anniversary cake for parents


There are times when you are separated by distance and can’t manage to find the time to surprise your parents. But your love for them and their love for you is endless. Celebrate that love with Aubree’s cake designs for parents. 

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