5 Amazing Bikes and Cars Cake Designs


For some its car; for some its bike; for others, it’s both! Whether you’re obsessed with a car or bike or both, these things are always close to heart for many people. Most of us often cherish the memories we have with our bikes and cars. If you know someone who’s birthday is nearing and they’re fond of cakes, surprise them with Aubree’s customized bike and car themed cakes. Here are a few amazing bikes and car cake designs for Aubree.


Hot Racing Car Cake Design

Love for cars is not just limited to real cars, some absolutely love those racing toy car tracks. Aubree’s hot racing car cake design comes with a realistic toy race track design with a stunning car on top.

Order here: Hot Racing Car Cake Design


Royal Enfield Bike Cake Design

Limitless trips and refreshing rides..Only the people who own a Royal Enfield bike can understand the love for these bikes. Aubree’s Royal Enfield bike cake design comes with an ultra-realistic edible Royal Enfield bike on top of the cake. 

Order here: Royal Enfield Bike Cake - Eggless


 Ducati Bike Cake Design

The craze for Ducati never ends! If you’re looking for a Ducati bike cake to surprise your champ, this is the ultimate answer to your needs. Aubree’s Ducati bike cake design comes with an authentic Ducati brand design with a realistic Ducati bike on top.

Order here: Ducati Bike Cake Design


 Mercedes Car Cake Design

The Mercedes car cake is the best cake for Mercedes lovers. Aubree’s Mercedes car cake design comes with a miniature Mercedes shaped cake with a man standing next to it. 

Order here: Mercedes Car Cake Design


BMW Car Cake Design

Aubree’s BMW car cake design is one of the premium celebration cakes for surprising a BMW lover. This premium cake comes with an authentic BMW design with a BMW key topping the cake. 

Order now: BMW Car Cake Design


These are the perfect surprise for your car-crazy friends or bike-loving brothers. Make birthdays or any event special for car and bike lovers with Aubree’s car and bike themed cakes

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