5 Amazing Animal Kingdom Jungle Cakes Designs


Cartoons are an inseparable part of any child’s life. A major portion of their childhood is occupied by their favourite cartoon shows and cartoon characters. Those funny and colourful cartoon characters make every kid jump in joy. So, why not take their love for cartoons to a whole new level by indulging them in yummy animal kingdom jungle cakes? Take a look at these 5 amazing animal kingdom jungle cakes designs from Aubree.


Baby Elephant Animal Kingdom Jungle Cake Design

A cute baby elephant! How can one ever not like it? This baby elephant animal kingdom jungle cake design comes with a beautiful pink and ash colour design with a cute little elephant on top of the cake.

Order here: Baby Elephant Cake - Eggless


Rainbow Unicorn Animal Kingdom Jungle Cake Design

Does your little daughter absolutely love unicorns? Surprise her with this rainbow unicorn animal kingdom jungle cake design from Aubree. It comes with several edible mini unicorns and a rainbow design.

Order here: Rainbow Unicorn Cake 


Girl and Her Animal Friends Jungle Cake Design

Baby Giraffe, cute hippo, friendly lion, zebra, a little girl, and loads of penguins- this is what this cake looks like. Surprise your little princess with this cake on her birthday and what her jump in joy.

Order here: Girl & Her Animal Friends Cake


Dinosaur Diaries Animal Kingdom Jungle Cake Design

Dinosaurs are loved by girls and boys alike. Whether it’s a picture of dinosaurs, a film, or a cartoon about dinosaurs, kids rush to see it. This dinosaur diaries cake has 3 edible baby dinosaurs on top.

Order here: Dinosaur Diaries Cakes


Cows Animal Kingdom Jungle Cake Design

Moo! Moo! Moo! Your son will love this cow-themed cake from Aubree. This cows animal kingdom jungle cake design comes with a whole herd of mini edible cows.

Order here: Kids Birthday Cows Theme Cake


Birthday cakes are one of the top priorities for kids. They want it to be as fun and as awesome as possible. So, make their birthday celebration big with Aubree’s amazing animal kingdom jungle cake designs.

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