10 Amazing Baby Shower Cake Ideas


Are you all set to welcome the adorable new member to your family? Make your baby ceremony extra special with Aubree’s Amazing baby shower cakes. Aubree is one of the Best Bakers in Bangalore, Offers Amazing baby shower cake ideas that are more than just creative—they're downright delicious! Check out some of our Amazing Baby shower cake ideas to welcome the baby.

Baby diaper shower cake

Baby diaper shower cakes are a popular trend loved by many expecting parents. This includes a cute baby wearing diapers looking into a gift box. Mom and all the guests will be cherished!



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Baby Elephant baby shower cake

If it’s a sweet gender-neutral amazing baby shower cake idea that you seek, this elephant baby shower cake topped with cute baby elephants is the answer to your prayers. Get this amazing cake from the Best Bakers in Bangalore.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-elephant-baby-shower-cake 

Baby feet baby shower cake

What’s more beautiful than seeing teeny tiny baby feet kicking at you for the first time? In this amazing baby shower cake idea by Aubree, tiny little baby feet takes the center stage with shoes at the top.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-feet-baby-shower-cake

Baby necessity baby shower cake

Ready to take on the role of mom and dad? This gender-neutral cake has realistic baby necessities like a feeding bottle, baby trolly, and tiny baby shoes to decorate your celebration!



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-necessity-baby-shower-cake

Baby clothes baby shower cake

This two-layer sweetness by Aubree has adorable baby clothes design on its sides topped with a white stork placing a baby among the stars. Moms absolutely love it! Order this beautiful cake online from the Best Bakers in Bangalore.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-clothes-baby-shower-cake

Baby strolly baby shower cake

This 2-tiered baby shower cake has the most beautiful pink baby stroller as the cake topper. Tiny cubes that spell the baby’s name surround the bottom layer of the cake make everyone go wow!



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-strolly-baby-shower-cake

Cloud & star baby shower cake

Stars are showering while the baby sleeps peacefully on a crescent moon. This dreamy, starry, cloudy sweet baby shower cake takes your breath away! Get this amazing cake from the Best Bakers in Bangalore.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/cloud-stars-baby-shower-cake

Baby on Sky 

In this amazing baby shower cake idea, a cute realistic-looking baby tops this cake while a crescent moon, stars, and clouds surround the precious infant. 



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-on-sky-cake-eggless

Birdy baby shower cake

With the papa bird and mama bird showering their love on little baby bird, This amazing baby shower cake from one of the Best Bakers in Bangalore is the best to express your happy parental feeling.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/birdy-baby-shower-cake

Baby reveal baby shower cake

Announce the gender of your baby with style with this beautiful baby reveal baby shower cake. Polished with equal amounts of pink and blue cream, it says “Who’s in mommy’s tummy”.



See it here: https://shop.aubree.in/collections/baby-shower-cakes/products/baby-reveal-baby-shower-cake

Baby shower cakes are the highlight of your baby shower celebration. These Amazing baby shower cake ideas by Aubree will set the right tone for your baby shower function and makes it a memorable celebration of your lifetime. 

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