Cakes are perfect to add sweetness to any celebration, especially for the biggest and brightest festival in India– Diwali! Everybody loves to celebrate Diwali honoring the victory of Good over evil. Only two things come to mind when we say ‘Diwali’- crackers and Diwali celebration treats. The festival of love, lights, and happiness are not complete without sharing those sweet Diwali celebration treats with our loved ones. Diwali celebration treats are not just a box of sweets that you give to your neighbors and friends, they are a token of love, happiness, and appreciation that you share with others. To make this year's Diwali celebration extra special, Aubree has introduced its own special Diwali celebration treats- Chocorackers!

 Chocorackers is the perfect Diwali celebration treat that you’ve been searching for all these years. Chocorackers is Aubree’s very own, specially designed Diwali celebration treat that is loaded with surprises and of course sweets! Chocorackers include a range of sweet treats inspired by crackers. Aubree’s Diwali celebration treat, Chocorackers box includes Choco-chakra, Crispy-Pataka, Butterscotch flower pot, Coffee rockets, Elachi Atom Bomb, Crispy shots, and festive Motif. 

 Multiply the love and celebration of this Diwali by gifting Chocorackers to your friends and family.